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"I think it is important and right that in today's fast-moving times, there are people who take care of disadvantaged animals, help and protect them! We animal-loving people in Switzerland should make it our task to help such serious small enterprises directly with financial means! We and our animals are doing so well, we should support this project with a small financial share, so that the world becomes a little bit better! I'm in! "

  • Jeanine Meili
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One day our colleague Björn Müller came to me and told me about what you do. It is a amazing story what you and your co-workers are doing for the animals. The few videos I have seen videos that I have seen, together with Björn's comments, have made me want to support your project. support your project. It is no secret that the process of bringing material from Switzerland or Germany to Mallorca is not a simple story, is not a simple story. We have mastered everything, in particular also the customs difficulties. We did that with pleasure. We now also know how to do it...for the future! Dear Farah, I know that one commitment is not enough when looking to the future. That's why I offer you to do something good for the project of Finca Noah again in 2021, after consultation, in a similar framework. for the Finca Noah project. Just let me know via Björn where the shoe pinches.
  • Björn Müller
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"We are always happy to help when it comes to animals in need. QUALIPET AG has been conducting a collection campaign with the help of our customers for several years and donates this to animals in need. Being a "dog dad" of a three-legged bitch from Romania myself, I am happy to help wherever possible. "

  • Fabian Boffa

" As a veterinary company, Virbac has dedicated 100% to animal health. Today we have a wide range of health products for the prophylaxis and treatment of the most important diseases of pets and livestock. But we don't just contribute to animal health with innovative products - animal welfare is also at the forefront of our support for a range of animal welfare projects and we are delighted to be involved in the valuable work of Animalpolice. "

  • Thomas Kalt

"At Focus Internet, we not only have a heart for our customers and employees, but also a big heart for animals. Animal Police has a vision that we support gratuitously and passionately. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of this great project. In short, we are excited about what Animal Police is doing and want to continue to support this endeavor by sponsoring the entire website. "

  • Brian, Siryl, Siman, Padi, Mike & Marius

"Our team and we are always ready to help when it comes to animals in need.
Farah did a wonderful job implementing Finca Noah with your power and team.
We are very happy that we can realize a mega great project together.
We've come to stay and look forward to more projects with Animal Police!"

  • Rafa, Miri and Martin

"Animals arouse emotions, touch the heart and soul. They need us, we need them. They deserve respect and affection. Animal Police puts a lot of power and heart and soul into helping animals in need. This is worthy of support in the highest degree. "

  • Jean & Renato Wicki
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"Great, there are people like Farah De Tomi, who work with great passion and commitment so selflessly for animals. A super project, unfortunately only a drop in the ocean, but a successful start for a better future for the animals. We are happy to support this project. "

  • Doris Merz Nardone

"Why Animal Police?
Farah could inspire me with her positive manner in the show "Adieu Heimat", immediately for Animal Police.
I was actually just browsing through the TV channels, I got "stuck" because of Farah's story and spontaneously decided to send Animal Police an email while the show was still on.
My family and I have already given several animals a home, unfortunately this is no longer possible in a new living constellation. All the more my daughters, my husband and I, together with our dog Monty from Sardinia, are happy that we want to support such a great project like Animal Police.
Our donation, the "Dog Bone" in gold made of vegetable soap with organic lemongrass oil from my own manufacture bblubb.ch, always brings great joy to dog and animal lovers.
I sincerely hope that Animal Police will reach many, many more people who support it and if Dog Bone can contribute to that, we'll all be very happy, of course! "

  • Simone Mosimann

"Hello I am Mimi. I spent my first years of life on the streets in the Czech Republic. With many other dogs I fought day by day for survival. But I was lucky and came to a dear family in Switzerland. Since then I am on a great mission. I make houses for dogs and cats, because I am firmly convinced that every animal in this world needs protection from wind and weather. I quickly got used to the nice family life and would like to give others a bit of luxury as well. That's why I also make dog pools and infrared houses for animals with special needs (joint problems, for example). I know quite a bit about wellness, as my mom's family business makes saunas, steam rooms and infrared cabins. But that's not all. If you buy a cottage from me, I produce it twice. You donate the second cottage to the Swiss organization Animal Police and give an animal a home.

When we are not manufacturing dog and cat houses, we have been realising private and public wellness facilities for over 30 years. We are the Swiss partner around sauna, steam bath and infrared. Our creative team and our qualified partners are looking forward to take you into the relaxing world of wellness. With us there is wellness for the whole family. "

  • Maison Mimi

"Animals have a right to life too, especially in times of need. Animals don't have a voice, that's why we need to be your voice, that's why help needs to be given. A great project which I am very happy to support."

  • Chris Grunder
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"I am a big animal fan and would like to support you very much for your upcoming reopening of the cat rescue center in Manacor. I will gladly donate cakes and sweets for all your visitors and guests, which we offer here in Cala Millor in our Biggis Cafe / Parteleria. I also already have 2 dogs, 3 horses, 6 cats as well as chickens which I also took from the street and are now a family member with us. "
  • Biggi
 You can always count on my help!

"We got to know Animal Police through television and were enthusiastic from the start. When Martin Padrutt asked us to help, it was clear to us that we wanted to support Farah De Tomi and her crew. We are proud to be part of it. Keep it up Farah!"

  • Tanja and Adrian Rösti with crew of Glattfelder Privatbrauerei GmbH


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