MAY 2020

The month of May was not only challenging for Animal Police, but also very successful with a lot of dedication, heartfelt actions and impressions.


The Animal Police team has survived another month of Corona crisis. This one brought an incredible amount of challenges in many ways and required full commitment from all of us. It wasn't just our team that was affected, but all animal welfare workers on the island of Mallorca.
The lock-down and the accompanying crisis, which also brings financial difficulties for some people, has led to cats being abandoned many times more. Abandoned on the streets, in rubbish containers or in other terrible places, many animals are currently found in poor condition. All the more it fills us with pride to see how the animal welfare community on the island is committed. They show tireless commitment by not simply leaving these animals to their fate, but by taking them in, caring for them and giving them love. Thus, the Animal Police family has also grown and given a cat family a new home to feel good. We are looking forward to the happy kittens reaching the right age and becoming part of a new, loving family through sponsorships or adoptions.

Even during this crisis, Animal Police continues to fight for animal rights and our team is tireless. Our pride and gratitude cannot be put into words! The Corona crisis presents us with many hurdles to overcome. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors from the bottom of our hearts. THANK YOU for not forgetting us even in such difficult times, for believing in us and for supporting us. Once again it shows that without this support we would not be the animal welfare organisation Animal Police is today. We know that in such unusual times as we are currently experiencing, it is not a matter of course that people still support an association like ours and we appreciate this immensely! HEARTFELT THANKS!


We would also like to ask at this point that we and especially the animals are not forgotten. These poor souls who depend on our help are the least responsible of all for the fact that the world is in a COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, we ask you from the bottom of our hearts to continue to support the animals in need and to help Animal Police fight for their survival day after day!
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Our Finca Noah becomes more and more a paradise for animals, in which there is not a single day of rest. Day after day, Farah and her helpers work to turn Finca Noah into a real home for their adopted charges. The effort, the countless hours of work, broken joints, torn hands and short nights are gradually proving their worth. It is taking more and more shape and you can see the incredible progress as well as the tireless effort. The animals at Finca Noah thus have a future of enjoying their lives to the fullest and being pampered by Animal Police. On June 30, 2020, the renovation will be completed and the rough framework will be finished. Animal Police and especially Farah can't wait. Thank you for every helping hand, every motivating word, and the great moral support everyone has given to help create Animal Paradise! It is a great honour and heartwarming for Animal Police to be able to provide such a beautiful and carefree place for the suffering animals to stay.


In recent weeks, a tragic case has given us sleepless nights.

A few weeks ago came the shocking news. On the island of Mallorca, a breeder of wolf hybrids wants to put down his 17 animals, because he has no more use for these creatures. Both the urgency to get rid of the animals as well as the great expense and the hopelessness of 17 wolf hybrids in a new place to accommodate, led the breeder to the decision:
"The wolves must be killed. The grave has already been dug."

Fortunately, the vet in charge is not only an "executive" but also a human being and immediately raised the alarm with the animal protection organisation Animal Police.
Thanks to the president Farah de Tomi, the news spread quickly - even beyond the borders of Mallorca. Thus, animal rights activists were alerted, who were not afraid to consider every little possibility to get help.
Calls for help on social media platforms, contacting wildlife parks in question in Europe and calling every useful contact like animal rights activist Sabine Rebeneck and wolf expert Jos, already brought the first results:
At the moment we have been assured a new home for all surviving animals. Various wild parks in Germany and Spain have agreed to take in some animals. Unfortunately, however, not all animals could be helped, because the oldest wolf hybrids were euthanized due to their already very high age on Monday, April 13, 2020 and put out of their suffering. According to sources, the breeder could be prevented from having the animals euthanized as early as Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 4:00 pm.
Only thanks to the pressure that Animal Police put on the breeder and the consistent actions of the animal rights activist/president of "Baldea" Maxi Lange as well as the responsible mayor, the animal welfare activists still have a few days to solve this terrible situation.

Several wolf hybrids are in a life-or-death emergency. According to the breeder, "the already dug grave" should have been closed on April 14, 2020. Various animal rights activists have united and are investing time, effort and great human commitment to save the animals' lives. An action that once again shows how important cooperation is and what can be achieved together.

Self-proclaimed "breeders" must not be allowed to make such decisions with impunity and an animal's life worth nothing.
Let's fight together against the suffering of animals and give this horror a happy ending.
The wolf hybrids have finally deserved to be allowed to lead a species-appropriate, beautiful life without being victims of "humans", who want to pull out of the responsibility for the sake of simplicity.

In a world together with animals, such people have no place.

We are overjoyed to have been able to help the hybrids and hope that nothing will stand in our way of providing them with a wonderful new home, which they now more than deserve!


Animal Police is immensely pleased that relaxations from the lock-down are soon on the horizon. Finally we can open the gates of Finca Noah again. Go out on the streets to save animals without any worries. Just give full effort again without restrictions. We are also looking forward to welcoming guests once again. We have missed our friends from Switzerland, Germany and Austria very much and we would be very happy about some visits as soon as the circumstances allow it. But not only we, but especially our furry honorary members are looking forward to every single cuddle!


The Animal Police holiday program may now start again and we are really looking forward to it! All information can be found on our homepage:
From the 1st of July it is again possible to book flights to Mallorca. We, but especially the four-legged residents of Finca Noah would be very happy to receive help and support and of course to experience beautiful and unforgettable moments together.

Animal Police is excited and starts off full of confidence for the promising month of June!

The Animal Police Team

Written by Robine Amendola

Help to save the animals in Mallorca from the streets. Every contribution goes 100% to the animals. All organization members work charitably and receive no compensation for their efforts.

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Animal lover wanted in Mallorca!

We from the non-profit organisation Animal Police, which takes in stray, abandoned or injured animals from the street and nurses them back to health at the beautiful Finca Noah, are looking for support. Want to get involved on the ground in Mallorca and help rescue and rehome animals? Help with the construction of kennels and enclosures, look after the upkeep of the farm? Take care of the animals, feed them, play with them and take them for walks? There are many ways to make yourself useful with us.

Are you interested in supporting us and the animals? We look forward to receiving your application and will be happy to provide you with information: