One of the biggest successes this month was our friend ROCKY. A German shepherd male about 10 years old, which we were able to rescue from a killing station in Palma Nuova thanks to dedicated efforts. After the rescue, however, the survival of our new friend was unfortunately not yet assured. He still needed our help. Our amazing donors made it possible for Animal Police to cover all the costs of various life-saving surgeries and procedures, and ROCKY was fortunately able to make a full recovery and regain his zest for life. With full health and a new zest for life, ROCKY was able to win the heart of a family who would have loved to offer the German shepherd a new place to live. Unfortunately, the family lacked some of the necessities to house a dog. Fortunately, Animal Police once again found a solution and provided the family with the necessary fence and dog house. ROCKY can now enjoy his well-deserved new home with lots of love and attention, for which the whole team is extremely grateful.


Urgent action was at the cat shelter "El refugio se llama Moixos de Manacor"Animal Police was able to take care of this thanks to generous donations. Through the help of our donors, it was possible to cover all veterinary costs worth about 800 euros. The lives of very grateful cats could be improved in this way, who now make our hearts shine with their healthy and cheerful disposition.


In order to counteract the cruel killing stations on Mallorca, Animal Police starts a new project full of energy. We want to create a new sanctuary to save the animals from their close death. As you may know, wild, free-roaming dogs are collected by the state and placed in a kill centre where they are given 21 days. Three weeks to be given a chance to live on. We would like to put an end to this horror as best we can, help the animals and above all give them the chance to survive. In order to make this animal dream come true, we need a lot of financial support and will be looking for various fundraisers in the coming weeks and firmly believe that another great dream will come true.If you can dream it, you can do it. - Walt Disney


We have found our "Mister Right" for our fundraiser. This gorgeous man made us a promise and 60 days on February 12, 2019. He promised us to double the amount of donations collected until then to enable us the new reception center. A real dream man then who, as you would expect from a prince charming, appears as a hero in our story at exactly the right time. For this we would like to thank Jeannine Meili of the Restaurant Ploughstone in Erlenbach. Thanks to her we got to know this prince.
His 1st donation on February 12, 2019, CHF 5000!!!
So dear animal friends help us diligently collect donations. Every euro you donate, are 2 euros that come to a needy animal Zugute.

Written by Robine Amendola

Help to save the animals in Mallorca from the streets. Every contribution goes 100% to the animals. All organization members work charitably and receive no compensation for their efforts.

Also by liking, commenting & sharing you can help us make life better for the animals here on Mallorca.

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