This month it rattled properly on the Finca Noah. The reason are our new puppies and young dogs. Seven little dogs, all running around the yard, lying around, romping around and always have to be kept an eye on. That takes time, nerves, patience and watching. All together are like an earthquake - but every single one is to fall in love with.

All these dogs come from the same mass breeding I have already reported (see newsletter May 2021: Macho the cute spitz ).the breeder lives with over 60 dogs of various breeds in one apartment.

Our Chihuahuas Armani (male), Diva, Gucci, Baileys, the lively Spitz jack. (from left to right).

Ca a female Dachshund-Ratero mix (left) and Valli, a male Roughhaired Dachshund.

Txuly (pronounced "Tschuli", is mallorquin and means cool, which is pretty cool for Txuly), a longhaired dachshund, is the daddy of our Johnboy, of whom I have last month I told him. Just like his son, Txuly had to live in the filthy Messi flat.

Here is a video of the rascals:



In early August, Farah received a disturbing phone call from the Greek family on Santorini who had temporarily taken in the puppies (see June Newsletter ((link The woman told Farah that the dogs would have to be picked up that same week or the family would put all four back on the street. Apparently the other dogs of the family had started to "mob" each other and apparently the puppies were the trigger.

But as Farah was about to fly to Switzerland to work there, it was impossible for her to get the puppies in Greece as well. Nevertheless, she has set all levers in motion for one night to bring both under a hat. The main problem was that the flight connections to Santorini are not exactly optimal. Most flights are only possible with one or even two stopovers, with flight times of up to 17 hours or more. So at this point in time, this way was not an option. Farah tried everything that night. She sent countless emails, made phone calls and spent hours on the internet trying to find "the" flight connection after all. In the end she was so frustrated that she even looked at the prices of private flights. The cheapest one was 17'000 Euro, so that wasn't an option either. Farah would have paid for the flight privately of course, but that was over her budget (Hi,hi).

The idea that the four rescued puppies would end up back on the street drove her crazy. But then I had the saving idea: to search the "groups" on Facebook.

Fortunately, we found on Facebook actually some animal welfare organizations that are active in Greece. Among other things, a German organization that maintains a sanctuary directly in Santorini. Farah got in touch with them and there was a happy ending: Two days later, the four puppies were picked up by the animal welfare organization and are now allowed to stay in the care of the organization until Farah can definitely get them. Hooray!


OUR CAT BABIES (and their mothers) 

Our kittens and their mothers are all looking for a loving home.


We are one step further. Mike, our yard master, has started going into the kennel and giving the two treats.

It was an absolutely beautiful, touching and also liberating moment for all of us to see how naturally the two dogs let themselves be fed by Mike. Here is the video:

Volunteer at the Finca Noah

The issue of volunteers is a perennial one in most animal welfare organisations. They are extremely rare and those who want to help often underestimate the rigorous work. We see this time and time again when volunteers come to book "animal holidays" at Finca Noah. They are then at least for a week on the Finca. We have already experienced everything. Up to such contemporaries who left after one day because the work was too exhausting for them.

Farah calls all interested parties several times beforehand and tells them exactly what it means to help at Finca Noah. Farah always emphasizes that it is not a holiday on the farm and also not a petting zoo, but strict physical work.

Our experiences have shown that it is not enough for Farah to tell people what it means to come to us as a volunteer. For this reason, we have decided to put testimonials on our website. Testimonials from volunteers who have been with us, who have worked, who have sweated, who have experienced the daily business.

Field report from Patrizia

Field report from Livia

Field report from Samona

Our Animal Police Shop

Do you already know our new webshop? We start with t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and jackets and more. Of course everything with Animal Police logo (carefully embroidered or printed, depending on the product) and available in countless colors and different sizes. The articles are made by PRINTFUL manufactured and shipped. With the purchase you directly support our association. Take a look at our new shop:

Impressions of the Finca Noah


Text: Nadia Bach
Editing: Roger Bataillard

Help to save the animals in Mallorca from the streets. Every contribution goes 100% to the animals. All organization members work charitably and receive no compensation for their efforts.

Also by liking, commenting & sharing you can help us make life better for the animals here on Mallorca.

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