Finally we have made it. The buildings on Finca Noah, the animal paradise for tortured and abandoned animals is so far completed. All animals that live at Finca Noah, be it until an animal has found a nice "Heimetli" or the animals that are allowed to stay at Finca Noah forever, have a "roof" over their heads!
...peace of mind for humans and animals has arrived at Finca Noah

No "fear" dear Animal Police animal friends we will only take a short "breather", then we will tackle new projects again, according to the motto "he who stands still goes backwards"!

Think about it........
Anyone can keep paws on the good times!
In bad times, do NOT let go,

Health Dog - Dog Nutrition Tips:

  • Tip 1: Feed adult dogs 1-2 times a day
  • Tip 2: Aligning dog nutrition with age
  • Tip 3: Feed regularly
  • Tip 4: Midday is the best time
  • Tip 5: Variety in taste
  • Tip 6: The dosage of the dog food can only be done individually
  • Tip 7: Feed hygienically and at the right temperature
  • Tip 8: The right drink - only water
  • Tip 9: Allow your dog to rest during digestion

Adoptions in February "Heimetli" for dog and cat".

heartily Responsibility for an animal.....

Once again Animal Police has found "heart people" who have given the animal souls a beautiful forever home and have now become part of a family.

Dear Animal Police friends, this is exactly what we wish from the bottom of our hearts for our protégés! For such moments it is always worth to stand up and fight on!

We were able to place our cat Grumlin with the "sceptical look".

Love from man does not quite allow our "Grand Dame" yet. Everything she has experienced and God only knows what, has shaped Grumlin. A challenge for human and Grumlin. Grumlin has found a new home in Switzerland with very patient and loving "cat parents" with lots of love and patience this will be a sure happy ending!

We wish Grumlin all the best in his new "Heimetli" from the bottom of our hearts.

grumlin - Animal Police Association

Our Trulla girl has found her luck and "Heimetli" in Germany. A place with very dear dog parents and a dog sibling who give your tender and dear dog soul a chance and a place to grow old happily.

Dog Girl Trulla Has Arrived.......

trulla1 - Animal Police Association trulla2 - Animal Police Association trulla3 - Animal Police Association

Our English bundle of energy Pepp is called SEPP at his new place? a Pointer male has also found a family with already 2 dogs in Germany. The good-natured, gentle, intelligent and yet demanding companion has also found jupi a nice "Heimetli". We wish Sepp a carefree, happy and healthy future with his new owners and dog siblings forever!

Here we would like to thank Verena, who found these families of Trulla as well as our Pepp!


A small oasis of well-being between man and animal - the new home  for our dear volunteer guests

An angel rarely comes alone! Our Farah has a little sister, the dear Jeannine. A sister with a big heart for people and animals. How could it be otherwise, dear animal protection friends, one could say "the apple does not fall far from the tree" The acquisition costs for such a small house are enormously high and for the animal protection association Animal Police at the moment impossible to "stem".

"CASA JEANNINE" is funded and managed by Farah's dear sister.

At this point a deep, heartfelt thank you to my "heart's man" Jeannine!

You are the best...just an angel!

and now, dear volunteers,

surrounded by animals, not only be there, but in the middle of it! On the property of Animal Police is now the "hearty" and cozy "CASA JEANNINE" waiting for you to be inhabited. With one bedroom, bathroom/shower, an entrance and a small kitchen you will feel very comfortable at Finca Noah.

If it is the most beautiful and biggest thing for you to support animal welfare. You enjoy spending time with animals. You love to help the animals, to care for them, us to actively support the animals at Finca Noah, then you are exactly right with us!

Many thanks already for every helping hand!

Only together we are strong - with your help we can do everything!

casa jeanine - Animal Police Association casa jeannine 1 - Animal Police Association

As promised the sequel "HILFERUF" from Slovakia

Video of the feed delivery

Once upon a time.... unfortunately it is not a fairy tale but pure reality dear animal friends!

Hundreds of dogs were starving and freezing to death but we were able to alleviate the suffering of the many dogs.

First of all a big thank you to the company Qualipet who made this "hauruck" action possible at all. Without this generous heavenly donation of 50 tons of dog food, blankets and "Bettli" it would have been very difficult to help the approximately 400 poor dog souls. But our motto "there's no such thing as can't" has proven itself once again. The courage to help, never give up, overcome hurdles, dear animal welfare friends that is Animal Police!

Dear Animal Police friends as you can see on the photos the food arrived and was unloaded on 8.2.2021 in Slovakia. If you read this at this time the dogs in Slovakia have at least a full belly.

But just food alone is not a long-term solution for the many canine souls.

Animal Police MUST act now and help dear friends! Our goal is to bring about 100 dogs from Slovakia to Switzerland.

We're likely to find the dogs in the A3 Dog Hotel Home in Mülligen (motto: where animals feel good) for the time being a home where they are cared for, looked after and "nursed up". Until then the time has come to place the dogs in a nice/loving home. The dogs deserve a chance and hope for a happy ending!

Dear All this animal rescue operation costs VERY much money!

But that goes ONLY with YOUR Help to bring these dogs to Switzerland!

No question, we humans are responsible, aren't we?


Slovakia Become a dog adopter!

Give us a Names so that we can have Chance on a Future have!

This is how it is supported:

  1. You name one of the 100 dogs,
  2. You pay 200 Euro per dog once
  3. You are the godmother/uncle
  4. You can choose "your" dog
  5. You visit your 4 legged friend in the A3
  6. You took responsibility! ?

PLEASE HELP these dogs to be allowed to live.

Written by Conny Dieziger

Help to save the animals in Mallorca from the streets. Every contribution goes 100% to the animals. All organization members work charitably and receive no compensation for their efforts.

Also by liking, commenting & sharing you can help us make life better for the animals here on Mallorca.



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