MARCH 2021

A terrible, sad and an unforgettable month of March is coming to an END!

Look dear animal lovers the puure reality - horror pictures - do not look away!

Only we humans can be so cruel!

A disgrace to the human being!

dog harley - Animal Police Association

OUR affair of the heart - OUR Harley

Incomprehensible but unfortunately always the reality!
It tears at our heart and in our soul we feel infinite pain.
We are ashamed of what we humans do to our animals
And this is not an isolated case - every day anew our animals have to suffer under us!
SEE hin dear friends.....we do not understand?
Our Harley should weigh in at over 50 kg in his breed!

Harley weighs just about 21 kg!

Once again animal welfare activists have contacted our Farah because they could no longer watch how a dog is tortured and mistreated and have asked our Farah for help.

Our Farah as she lives and lives has not hesitated for a moment and drove with the animal protectors to the poor dog. Farah was breathless when she saw him and her heart was beating in her soul what Farah saw she didn't want to believe. Farah almost couldn't hold back the tears. But she had to be strong for this poor maltreated dog to be able to save him from this miserable situation. In order to snatch this poor dog from the cruel animal abusers, Farah first had to check whether the poor animal was chipped..... fortunately no chip!

Because only animals without a chip can Farah rescue IMMEDIATELY without possible legal consequences.

Farah and the animal welfare workers, without a moment's hesitation rescued the dog from this pathetic situation!

On the direct way to the veterinary hospital to get a first overview how bad it stands around Harley (so Farah has baptized the poor soul). The examination results of our Harley were not good. A total kidney damage, dehydrated, starved, leishmaniasis, abscesses and apart from his mental damage?

The treatment and therapy of Harley will be a long way. It takes a lot of love, time and a lot of vet visits. The long-term treatment of Harley will be very expensive!

Please donate for the many treatments! Give him a second chance Harley deserves this chance! Dear Animal Police friends PLEASE don't let Harley down because WE are the GOOD guys!

After days of struggle, we had to let him go......

Unfortunately we had to make a very sad decision for our dear Harley!

We did everything we could and still couldn't do anything more for Him. We have with him and fought for him and unfortunately lost the battle... we had to let him go.

On 23.03.2021 our Harley went over the rainbow bridge. To a more beautiful place where no one torments and mistreats him anymore where he will only experience love.

Our comfort - he experienced LOVE and BORNNESS for the first time.

We wish Harley a safe journey and from the bottom of our hearts that he will find peace.

paw - Animal Police Association rainbow bridge - Animal Police Association

Please forgive us humans for doing this to you.

Disappointed in us humans?
Dear animal lovers and there is NO END in sight!
Please dear animal friends donate with it we in the
Can continue to fight on behalf of the animals 

Animal Police Association
Zürcherstrasse 137
8952 Schlieren
Account: Credit Suisse
8070 Zurich
EUR Account IBAN No. CH14 0483 5266 0638 0200
CHF Account IBAN No. CH48 0483 5266 0638 0100

The Legend of the Rainbow Bridge:

The heaven of our dear animals

Many pet owners know it, the story of the Rainbow Bridge. When the moment has come for a beloved animal to die, it is said that it will go over the Rainbow Bridge. This touching grief story is meant to comfort and make the parting more bearable. It is intended for all who have lost their pet.

rainbow bridge - Animal Police Association

I would like to tell you a short form of this beautiful story. There is a bridge in rainbow colors that connects the earth and the sky. When an animal falls asleep forever, it goes to this colored bridge and comes to a beautiful place where it always has enough to eat and drink. The old and sick animals are suddenly young and healthy again, they are lively and play with all the animals. But there is something they all miss very much, and that is their beloved human on earth, whom they loved unconditionally. And while the animals are frolicking in the beautiful meadow, suddenly one of the animals in the group steps out because it sees its human. It runs off, the joy at seeing him again is incredible and overwhelming. Finally you can look into the faithful eyes of your beloved animal again. Human and animal cross the Rainbow Bridge together and from then on they will never be separated again - happily united forever..............

Small miracles that touch our hearts

Our "Bambi" Coco has become a proud little deer

Dear animal friends do you remember our "Bambi" Coco who rescued our Farah last year from untenable conditions. Farah got a tip from "some" neighbour that once again a bad person had locked up a fawn on a balcony! Farah could hardly believe what she found - a fawn! Without hesitation Farah "re-placed" the fawn on the Finca Noah SMILE. Coco was still a little Bambi. In the meantime our Coco has become a proud little doe. Look at the photos, just beautiful!

Dear friends of animal protection this is how it should be on our earth, isn't it?

No matter who or what we are, a peaceful coexistence with our animals....

WHY can we NOT do this?

Also in March we found a nice "Heimetli" for an animal soul

In August 2020 we were able to place our cat Charlie in Wettingen, Switzerland.

Farah got the tomcat Charlie with 3 days in care. And every cat lover knows that it is not easy to take care of a 3-day-old kitten. But our Charlie had made it and developed splendidly and could travel to a friend of Farah to Patrizia in Switzerland. The lovely Patrizia gave Charlie a nice home and he can enjoy his cat life. When the friend of Farah saw our beautiful Prince, it was clear that this will be the cat brother of Charlie. Prince was allowed to travel to Patrizia and Charlie in Switzerland in March. With Patrizia Charlie and Prince will now enjoy their future cat life to the fullest. We wish Prinz and Charlie many exciting, happy and healthy years in their new "Heimetli".

Dear Patrizia You are a heart person - thank you very much
An animal it doesn't matter what you look like.
You give him his heart, it gives you his

charlie - Animal Police Association

Three horses and donkeys

Grace on the Finca Noah Nebraska, Onei, Argos and donkey Pablo, the three horses and the donkey have recovered and developed magnificently

Dear horse friends we are always looking for godparents for our animals at Finca Noah. For the animals that stay only for a certain time or even forever on the Finca Noah.

For our beautiful brown Onei, who has already been at Finca Noah for a year, we are urgently looking for a loving horse sponsor. If you should decide to become a godfather we would be very happy, welcome to the club of the heart people. You will receive photos, a certificate and we will inform you sporadically about your godchild and how he is doing. You can also visit your pet at Finca Noah at any time. That would make us very happy!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our godmother Karin once again for taking over the sponsorship of Argos and Pablo. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts dear Karin!


CORONA measures relaxed in Mallorca - YOU CAN FINALLY COME!

"Casa Jeannine" the construction of the cozy and pretty cottage are finished

casa jeannine - Animal Police Association

Dear Volenteer interested it can be moved in apply "Casa Jeannine" is waiting for YOU!

In this cozy furnished cottage you will feel very comfortable during your time at Finca Noah. Besides the daily work with the animals, you will also have the opportunity to relax and enjoy your stay between people and the many animals.

APPLY NOW! The Animal Police team is looking forward to meeting you!


Find the inner peace - feel the love for animals - be a heart person

MUT for the protection of animals!

Exotic residents moved into Finca Noah are Berta and Massimo

Tropical Feeling at the Finca Noah. Finca Noah will soon be a second Noah's Ark?

These 2 beautiful macaws were surrendered to Farah because the owner passed away and no one wanted to take responsibility. Who would like to acquire parrots, it must consider very well. A macaw can live up to 70 years in captivity.

Thanks to a kind-hearted Frankie Boy, Farah was able to take in these two macaws named Berta and Massimo. Frankie Boy has financed a conversion of EUR 2'850.00. The already built carport will be converted into a spacious aviary with lots of room to move and climbing possibilities for the parrots. Together with parrot experts Farah has clarified the needs of the parrots beforehand. Now nothing stands in the way of a species-appropriate attitude of the animals. The well-being of the animals always stands with Farah in the first place. Berta and Massimo will certainly feel very comfortable and they will want for nothing.

Many thanks to Frankie Boy.

The dear Massimo and the cheeky Berta

Something to smile about.......:-)  Rambo you come in here "ned" 😉

How natural and authentic is our POWER Ms Farah

She is for nothing too "pity" and always for a joke to have!

"funny snapshots of Farah"


Happy reunion "visiting day" at Trulla in Germany

Our Farah has allowed herself a little time out after many eventful and very strict weeks. Farah flew to her partner Verena in Germany to recharge her batteries for a few days. During their short vacation Farah and Verena took the opportunity and spontaneously visited "our" sweet little Trulla-Mouse.

The JOY was big and stormy as you can see on the photos.
The Trulla girl didn't forget Farah she recognized Farah right away!
Trulla has settled in well and is happy. The new dog parents love her more than anything.
Trulla has finally found a place to enjoy her dog life to the fullest.

"Give love - give love" what could be better? Animals never forget!

For such moments the whole Animal Police team fights anew!

Strong assistance - POWER free at the Finca Noah

On the farm of Finca Noah with the many animal inhabitants there is always a lot to do. There are not always easy jobs to do. No, dear animal friends there are also many heavy jobs on the farm by hand can not cope. Farah often had to rent a tractor for heavy work for expensive money. The opportunity arose and our energetic Farah got hold of a tractor. Now many can be moved with the "partner" on four wheels.

Roger is the vehicle maintainer with heart in our team. Roger is responsible for the "Arguably." of the vehicles at Finca Noah. If a screw is loose or a machine is on strike with our PS helpers, Roger is with his technical expertise Animal Police free of charge to the side. Dear Roger a big thank you and many more years of POWER with Animal Police.

We can now literally move a lot on our Finca Noah.

Another "step" further - Step by Step!

Written by Conny Dieziger

Help to save the animals in Mallorca from the streets. Every contribution goes 100% to the animals. All organization members work charitably and receive no compensation for their efforts.

Also by liking, commenting & sharing you can help us make life better for the animals here on Mallorca.



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