Written again by Farah herself.

Animal Police has started well into 2021 and the team is excited and ready to take on the challenge that the new year brings with "heart and soul"!

The "motto" of Farah De Tomi
"DON'T GET IT, DON'T GET IT" also applies to the year 2021!

2020 was not an easy year for all humans and animals on this earth with Covid 19.

At the beginning of the year we could not yet guess what is coming with the virus. The rest is known newsletter November/December). Now it's already February and we would love to write about what we can all look forward to, but unfortunately that is currently impossible. Nothing at all will be for sure!

Dear Animal Police members and animal lovers around the world. Especially now in this uncertain time we are dependent on your help! Please help our animal souls, for this the whole Animal Police team thanks you very much.

In January it was very "stormy" at Finca Noah

The storm "Hortensia" swept with about 130 km / h on 22.1.2021 over the island of Mallorca and caused great damage island-wide. Unfortunately, our Finca Noah was not spared. The whirlwinds devastated much of what was built lovingly and from the heart! What took months to develop went in a few hours in the breaks.

But dear animal lovers, the most important ...Thank God.... no animal has been harmed. Animals really do have a seventh sense. When it went off the animals ran outside and instinctively knew it was safest out in the open. What an experience!

In the meantime, we have been able to repair almost everything with joint help and all our little animals have a roof over their heads again.

Sponsorships for our old and frail animals

In January, we were again able to find sponsors for animals that have found their home at Finca Noah and are not so easy to place. The old and sick animals can enjoy their twilight years with us at Finca Noah and are cared for and nurtured. Hereby we would like to thank you for the support of the sponsorships!

Sponsorship: Lady and Luis

Sponsorship: Sheep de Noi

Adoption about 1,5 years ago, our beloved Jamiro the sweet black baby kitten from the Mamma Ding Dong

Finding a new home for black cats is always more difficult than finding a kitten with another coat colour, it is the absurd superstition especially here in Spain that they are supposed to bring bad luck - only God knows why.

Animal Police was so lucky and could find a loving home for all 5 black kittens from Ding Dong (that was the name of the black mummy). We would like to show you Jamiro, who was allowed to fly to the Wielandt family (Tim Wielandt ex Mister Switzerland 2007) in Switzerland. Today Jamiro enjoys a great life with his new playmate at the lake of Zurich.

We wish Jamiro a lot of joy in life and a lot of fun together!

Adoption of today our beloved Smoke also called, TERMINATOR

Today Smoke was allowed to go to a new home in Switzerland. Very excited and totally set on play mode, he let himself be packed into the flight box without any effort. When he arrived in Switzerland, he was taken over by our dear Manuela Rapp, who had also placed Smoke. But before they went to their new home, our vet Jann Rapp wanted to do a check-up with Terminator, so they drove directly from the airport to the practice. There the new family was already waiting for the little big rascal, who was still up for playing even after 4 hours of travelling. In addition we received these two pictures, which show us that again an animal has won the 6er in the lottery.

Many thanks to this family, who give a four-legged friend from the street a home.

In the same way, we would like to say thank you once again to all animal adopters for taking in an Animal Police 4-legged friend. It always touches us when we receive pictures where "our" pelt-noses are suddenly allowed to enjoy their evenings on a sofa in front of the TV with family.

"CALL FOR HELP" from Slovakia - with over 300 dogs

Over 300 dogs in the Slowkei are at the mercy of frostbite and starvation. It is missing on all "corners and ends" the food is running out and no warm place to sleep is available. For each animal friend a horror conception. Dear animal friends it is the reality!

Since the animal protection association Animal Police tries to help all animals of this world no matter where and what kind of animal needs help, it was clear that our Farah has learned of this terrible, miserable situation, all levers in motion to help the many poor dogs. "There's no such thing as can't"!

After X number of phone calls to various agencies and contacts, Farah made it.
The company Qualipet from Switzerland has promised Farah about 40 to 50 tons of dog food. In the "fast" provided free of charge for a delivery to Solvakia, A truly heavenly donation!

At this point, you can not put it into words, a big thank you to Qualipet also in the name of the many animal souls. The food is on its way to Slovakia, Animal Police and Qualipet make it possible.

Farah has also already found a sponsor who has agreed to bear the costs for the transport to Slovakia. We will be happy to report in February how the transport and the handover took place.

A tip for velvet paw owners

 A cat would not eat grain in the wild.
Cereal in the chuck can be used for Cats can actually lead to problems, though, because: Cats can hardly digest carbohydrates in the form of starch. Cereal can quickly become a fattener due to its high energy density and many carbohydrates. Cereal additives can influence the blood sugar level.

Therefore, look for the emblem on the food packaging or inform yourself at your veterinarian.

Also, for example, the grass, which quite a few shops offer for the house cats, is very dangerous for the cat. The grass has much too sharp edges and thus hurts the stomach lining. Our veterinarian Jann Rapp recommends much rather to pay attention to a good nutrition.

Eifach "Mönsch" sii - Danke Dir Liebi Farah - 2020

Review Farah and Finca Noah.
First, a deep, heartfelt thank you to our President Farah de Tomi for all that this woman of the zodiac sign Cancer and the ascendant Leo (in) does and has done. Our Farah, born under the sign of Cancer, is characterized by her reliability, by her constancy in life, and is known for her practical and quick support - devoted and passionate...that's our Farah!

The ascendant Leo gives her the strength and at the same time she proves a big heart for her fellow men and animals. She is proud and brave at the same time warm-hearted and always on the hunt for new challenges. Privately as well as in business it was not an easy year for Farah. She braved all the lows, and made the most of the highs and made a big difference in animal welfare. In 2020 she saved the lives of many animals and gave them a nice home. Whether abroad or at Finca Noah, the welfare of the animals is Farah's first priority!

In this strong woman is a warm-hearted person with an animal soul. Who likes to use her strengths to help others, the weak with all her heart, who lack courage and strength, that is our Farah - Team Animal Police forever.

Farah's private babies in one of the three sponsored dog houses from

Thank you so much Nina and Mimi for the insanely awesome dog mansions 🙂 .

Your Farah

Written by Farah de Tomi

Help to save the animals in Mallorca from the streets. Every contribution goes 100% to the animals. All organization members work charitably and receive no compensation for their efforts.

Also by liking, commenting & sharing you can help us make life better for the animals here on Mallorca.

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