Written again by Farah herself.

First of all, I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for making you wait so long for today's newsletter. I am terribly sorry! Our construction was in full swing and I simply "disappeared" the newsletter. Nevertheless, I hope you are all looking forward to what news we have in store for you and I hope you enjoy reading it! Your Farah

In November the Finca Noah was made ready for winter.

Since we had already finished our dogs and cats kennels at the beginning of the year and had organized everything so far, only the plexiglass walls had to be installed. After that our kennels were absolutely ready for the winter.

All the preparations ran parallel to our everyday life in November, which we fortunately managed to master with flying colors. Now we can admit to ourselves that our planning, how we built the things, was absolute perfection.
Our animals are now well and safely taken care of for the winter.

November was a highlight in terms of dog and cat adoptions.
We were able to give so many animals a new home. Whether here on the island, in Germany or in Switzerland.

Among others, the following four-legged friends were allowed into a new home:

  • Our pony Antonina/ Crochetta was allowed to stay here on the island
  • The Doberman bitch Kyra lives now in Germany
  • Our red tomcat Fredd was allowed to come to Germany after he had been with us at Finca Noah for about 10 months.
  • The Potenga bitch Giulla, which was rescued from an abandoned finca is also here on the island.
  • Sunday enjoying her new life in Urdorf CH
  • The black Labrador Jessy, was allowed to go to the beautiful Switzerland
  • The kitten Marsia was also allowed to go to Switzerland
  • The Pastor Mallorquin bitch Black Dyamond found a wonderful home with a Swiss family here on the island of Mallorca.
  • Thanks to the Rapp family the kitten Minusch was allowed to go to Urdorf in Switzerland.
  • The beautiful Siames, Selva-Diego was also allowed to come to Switzerland.
  • Our Cat-Woman and her 5 babies have all found loving homes in Switzerland. Four of them in Bern
  • The Pastor Mallorquin Roxy was allowed to stay on Mallorca with a heart-loving family on Mallorca
  • The kitten Chica was also allowed to go to Switzerland
  • The puppy Boss, the last of all, enjoys the luxury life in St. Moritz an absolute highlight!

Gladly I send you some pictures, which show you in what condition you had at the rescue and how you are today. All of them receive infinite love today, which is just beautiful!

black diamond e1611248612170 - Animal Police Association giulla - Animal Police Association roxy - Animal Police Association

It makes me incredibly happy to see that our daily work for the animals here at Finca Noah, brings so many positive results.

A December full of action

Now here's the truth. There is no denying it. If you want to save animals that are kept in a heavenly sad state or even abused, you simply have to put them out of their misery. We call this: Saving animals!
Due to the winter season, many animals are forgotten. These poor creatures are then left to fend for themselves and fight for their survival. Mostly still attached to a fat chain on a tree and if it is quite extreme, these animals do not even have a roof over their heads. The current situation of the curfew on Mallorca brings with it a frightening situation for the poor animals, which are now even less fed. Animal Police needs even more food than usual to be able to help as many animals as possible.

The year 2020

Rarely did a year pose as many challenges as 2020 did! Especially for animal welfare. Especially our help was needed more than at any other time. However, with our combined efforts, we did everything in our power to save as many animal lives as possible! Here follows a short review of our highlights of the year:

Already in January, Finca Noah found a lot of growth. The three horses Nebraska, One&Only and Linda were allowed to move to our farm. The year also started with a lot of action, because from now on we were allowed to enjoy the everyday life on the Finca with L'Unica and her 5 puppies.

Another highlight at the beginning of the year was the broadcast of the series Adieu Heimat, where Farah was able to participate. We are still incredibly grateful that 3Plus gave us this opportunity and that we were able to count on so many friends and donations!

Animal holiday
Moving on to February, Animal Police created the "animal holiday". We couldn't have been luckier with our first guest. Daniela was and is a very great asset to our club. The Animal Police family grew not only with Daniela, but also with the horse Argos and our slavic donkey Pablo, also called Paplito, who now enjoy their life with us and give us much joy until today.

Big animal protection campaign
Another milestone was the big animal protection campaign and the success it brought, over 1000 street animals to have collected and castrated.

Of course, even with building there was still no break to think about and the Finca Noah shone from day to day more and more.

Already in March the exit ban on Mallorca was imposed and the COVID situation hit us like a hammer... from then on our everyday life changed from zero to one hundred. The conditions on the island are appalling and it needs us animal welfare activists even more than ever before.

Nevertheless, Animal Police was able to fight on and save three little lambs, which almost ended up on the dinner plates. Since that moment, our beloved Poi/Paul is at Finca Noah and brings a smile to everyone's face every day.

 Large donation of food
In April the biggest highlight for Animal Police was the first big food donation. Over 42 pallets of animal food and supplies were donated to us and we didn't know what hit us. This was an incredible gesture and a priceless ray of hope, especially in such difficult times!

Screenshot 2020 05 02 at 14.28.17 - Animal Police Association

Animal rights activists stick together!
April showed us how the animal welfare community sticks together and it gave everyone a lot of strength to keep fighting despite the still ongoing lock-down and we were indeed strong! The highlight of this month was the rescue of the wolf hybrids - something seemingly impossible was made possible!

The family gained more and more growth and there are more and more paws crawling, jumping, galloping, climbing or running on Finca Noah. What could be better than to see how many animals could be saved. In addition, the finca takes more and more shape through the buildings.

The new buildings
June brought much joy when we were able to announce that the largest buildings were finally completed. Great joy reigned!

Ferdinando the Bull
But the greatest joy brought us the success that we could save Ferdinando the bull. He became the absolute darling of the community and he personally received a lot of donations, with which we were able to nurse him to a perfectly healthy and happy bull. In addition to Ferdinando, Finca Noah received inspiring growth and the family added its first ducks and chickens.

In July our Ferdinando was finally allowed to move to his new home, where he can now enjoy the rest of his life in the good company of "Gspändli" and loving care.

Kittens rescue operation
Animal Police was challenged in a rescue of 16 kittens. Almost all of them are being nursed back to health and will be allowed to go to beautiful, new and beloved homes in the future.

Kelly Family visiting
August brought a new highlight of the year: the visit of the P-Kelly-Family, accompanied by a TV-team. But the best is yet to come: they adopted our beloved L'Unica and soon she will be allowed to live with the P.Kelly family in Germany.

WhatsApp Image 2020 07 14 at 08.15.52 - Animal Police Association

Numerous emergencies
September left nothing to be desired. Numerous emergencies and rescue operations, the building of the rabbit hutch, the journey of our L'Unica to Germany and the new family members Mary, Joseph and Jesus. The three sheep are now enjoying their paradise on Finca Noah together as a flock. And all this while the island of Mallorca still sinks into silence....

Aixa the black mare
With October came the next horror! The rescue of Aixa, the black mare. Unfortunately we were not allowed to keep her and she had to go back to her terrible home. But Animal Police is always trying to get information about her condition.

The increase did not remain however from. Our mad dog mommy Donna came to us, together with her 11 puppies. That was perhaps a troop, which kept us simply 24 hours on Trap.

Outlook 2021
Now we have reached the end of the year and are already in the starting blocks again for 2021. We will continue to do all we can to rescue animals, nurse them back to health and rehome them. We are already looking forward to telling you about the successes from the new year.

Your Farah

Written by Farah de Tomi

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