JUNE 2021


RUBINA with the kittens ONIX and SAPHIR

Rubina, the sweet little Podenco bitch, is about 2½ years old, 37 cm tall and weighs 7 kilos.

Here comes a heartbreaking story with a happy ending! Recently a man came to Finca Noah to get food for his cat colony that he was in charge of. He told Farah that he had discovered a small female dog in an abandoned finca, but unfortunately had no chance to get near her because she was fiercely protecting two kittens. He went on to say that the two kittens must be very, very young because they still had their eyes closed. Worried about these kittens, he told an acquaintance about it. She decided to take the two babies in. Although the dog barked and growled, the acquaintance was able to get hold of the babies. The next day the man went back to the site to see if he could see a mother cat somewhere, or more kittens. He did not find any cats, but again the little bitch from whom the kittens had been taken. The man said she had been in the exact same corner where she had been the day before with the kittens. The bitch had cried miserably, howled and searched the corner again and again.

The man and his wife went to feed the dog every day. But the bitch ate nothing - the food remained untouched, day after day....And every day the bitch howled, whimpering softly to herself, with a broken mother's heart. In deep mourning over the loss of "her" babies.

You only have to tell Farah something like that once. She was shocked that this bitch had simply been taken away from the two kittens. Outraged that no one had even considered what this situation meant for the bitch, who had developed maternal feelings and was now looking for her little babies every day. It was clear to Farah: the two kittens and the bitch had to be reunited. Farah asked the man if the two kittens were still with the acquaintance, to which he replied in the affirmative. Then she said: "I'll give you all the food for free, but in return you bring both kittens and the little bitch to Finca Noah and do it very quickly".

No sooner said than done! Since this day the sweet little Rubina and her two pitch-black kittens are with us. Onix and Saphir are about two weeks old now and still have to be "cuddled" by us regularly. How exactly the two kittens survived the first days, nobody knows. Fact is that the bitch instinctively did everything right. Rubina now takes care of the babies with us. She cleans and caresses them daily. She also guards the kittens, who are currently living with her at Casa Jeannine, from the other cats and the dogs.

Rubina is a very caring mother and we see every day her smile on her face, her happiness, her gratitude, her joy and her affection. Rubina, Onix and Saphira are of course only placed together.

rubina2 - Animal Police Association rubina - Animal Police Association onix saphira - Animal Police Association


The two bitches Lluna and Candela were given to us together because their owners moved from a house to an apartment. If we had not taken them to us, they would have ended up in a killing station.
Abandoned by his own family, deported, disposed of and sentenced to death. How can you act like that? One does not simply give away family members, living beings, friends, souls!? What kind of people are they who justify such an act with conviction and still have a good feeling about it...?


Lluna is a mixed breed bitch, probably German Shepherd mix (with hanging ears), maybe with a bit of Labrador thrown in. She is about six years old, 55 cm tall and weighs about 25 kg.

Lluna is a confident, happy, cuddly dog who is totally people-oriented. She loves our walks, which we take twice a day with her - and of course all the other dogs. On the way she always wants to be the first. Lluna gets along well with other dogs, as long as they are not dominant and in close proximity. LLuna can win people over right away. We suspect that Lluna would not get along with cats. Unfortunately Llumas tail is coupiert, why we do not know unfortunately also. (A blemish). But with the help of our Swiss vet Jann Rapp we will find a solution so that Lluma does not have to stay on the island but can fly to a lovely family in Switzerland or Germany.

  lluna2 - Animal Police Association lluna - Animal Police Association


Candela is also a mixed breed bitch, we suspect a Labrador mix. She is also about six years old, 52 cm tall and 21 kg heavy.

Candela is just like her friend Lluna absolutely people-oriented and a real sunshine. She is very playful and loves it most when people fool around with her. But she has another passion: her stuffed animal (a black dog). The little furry talisman has been her constant companion since the beginning. Her favorite thing to do is to take the little animal with her to her wooden box, where she usually stays because of the heat. Also her absolute highlight is going for a walk. Recently she has started looking over walls with interest, or jumping up on walls. Her nature is very social with other dogs. How she gets along with cats, we unfortunately do not know yet. 

candela2 - Animal Police Association candela - Animal Police Association

Unfortunately, the two dogs were probably beaten. You can see that in their reaction when you wave your hands around too fast or too frantically.


The hare POCOYO

The sweet, tame rabbit with the big hanging ears was brought to us by the vet Dr. Pirron. He had been attacked by a dog and was critically injured. His owners brought the bunny to Dr. Pirron, who immediately performed emergency surgery on him. Why Pocoyo was not picked up by his owners after that, we do not know.

Dr Pirron contacted us because Animal Police gives all animals a home - and because she knew we had a 220 square metre bunny paradise, currently home to seven adult bunnies and a baby bunny (the baby bunny is our Easter bunny because it was born on Good Friday. His mother we have taken over at that time, without knowing it, already pregnant).

Pocoyo was very weak in the first days with us and honestly I (Nadia) had great concerns whether the cuddly bunny would survive. But his condition got better from day to day and - what can I say - today he is a healthy, cuddly bunny who loves to be cuddled.

pocoyo - Animal Police Association pocoyo2 - Animal Police Association


Our peacock family

You must know that we already have two female peacocks with us for a few months. For Farah it was clear from the beginning that sometime more will surely come. Since we have the space. One day the neighbour came and asked Farah if she would be willing to take over his two peacocks (one he and one she), as he had no more need for them. Without thinking twice, Farah immediately agreed.

And then came this Sunday. The neighbour called and told Farah that he would bring the peacocks over in five minutes. Farah thought it was a bit strange that he was talking about a family..... but immediately went downstairs with me Nadia and we waited for the neighbour. When the neighbor arrived, he opened the trunk of his car - and what did we see? A whole family of peacocks! Papa peacock, mama peacock and five young peacocks that were only a few days old. Our astonishment was great and returning the family was not an option. Because of the birds of prey that regularly circle over Finca Noah, we couldn't just let them roam free in the enclosure. The only option we had in a hurry was to house the peacocks in our former quarantine kennels. The problem with those kennels, however, is that the eleven puppies we had in them last year were biting holes in the fence, so we had to classify the kennels as less than ideal for safety reasons and risk of injury. Farah decided to have new, safe quarantine kennels built. We temporarily placed the discarded ones with our poultry where they posed no danger.
When the peacock family came to us on this Sunday and we urgently needed to find accommodation, we quickly realised that the kennels were not ideal for the peacocks either. On the one hand there were still the holes, so we would have had to re-cover everything, on the other hand the kennels would have had to be anchored into the ground because of the snakes and rats. Both was not possible in the short time and for financial reasons. In the emergency we covered the kennel with transparent foil, so that the little peacocks could not escape or hurt themselves. Against snakes and rats we put temporary stones around the kennels. It is not an optimal solution, but it is the only one we could realize in the short time available, so that the peacock family is somewhat protected and safe.

As soon as it is financially feasible, rebuilding the kennels is our next project.

peacocks - Animal Police Association



Farah not only rescues the animals that we present to you here every month. There are many more that are never mentioned. Often the animals come to a foster family because, for example, the care is so intensive that we cannot take them on in terms of time, or often because we simply have no space at Finca Noah. Sometimes Farah finds a suitable new home almost before the animal has been rescued. This is only possible because Animal Police has a large network. The search for a new home, preliminary checks, vaccinations, passports, flights etc. are then organised by Farah "in one go", so to speak. Then she often spends almost the whole night on the phone, writing WhatsApp and emails. But in the morning everything is organized and within hours an animal that has been mistreated for years can be given to a good, new place and start a new life.

And Farah also becomes active outside Mallorca when animals need help. So also about two weeks ago after the emergency call of a Swiss family who spent their holidays in Santorini. If Farah hadn't been in Switzerland at the time, where she had to work (somehow the running costs all have to be paid), the four puppies that were found alone on the street in Santorini would already be gone there. Farah is currently in the middle of organising to get the puppies out. Language barriers and vaccinations to get them out are delaying it all. The puppies are now in foster care with a family in Greece until Farah can get them. I will report on this in the July newsletter.

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I wrote about them in detail last month, so here's a short update: King and Queeni have settled in well with us - if you can even say that with these abused souls. In any case, the two of them have started playing together. Or rather, each of them is playing with a toy. They also now lie on the edge of the kennel every day and follow the activities in the yard with interest. They both especially love bathing in their dog pool. The two have also started eating now when Farah is next to them. King is brushed daily by Farah and now looks even more "bearish".
Men are still a big problem. Only Farah and I can go into the kennel to take care of the dogs, feed them, comb them and clean the box and the kennel. Actually Mike, our yard master, would be the right man to slowly get the two used to men. But we are not that far yet and we don't want to rush anything - or even make it worse again.
At the end of June we have an important appointment with the vet. The two have to be examined urgently. King is unfortunately leishmaniasis positive and would have to be treated urgently. Farah and I don't know yet how we will manage the transport with the two to the vet. However, Farah's statement is always: Can't do, won't do. J In any case, I will also tell you about it in the next newsletter, you can be curious.....

kindundqueeny - Animal Police Association



From the bottom of our hearts we thank the company STRIKER Food and Beverage AG,

Thanks to their donation, we were able to increase the security standard in the large 300 square meter kennel so that it is 100% escape-proof. Thank you Mirjam, Rafa and Martin, now no dog can escape guaranteed!


Also to the Glattfelder Private Brewery GmbH a sincere thank you goes out.

With their donation we were able to renew the flooring in the stable of donkey Pablito and horse Argos. Before, there was only a gravel floor. This not only stank and was very unhygienic, but was also unhealthy for the hooves. Thanks to the donation we could now install a health floor, which is not only much healthier for hoofed animals, but also more hygienic and easier to clean.


Finally a few nice impressions from our "children's rooms".

  impressions - Animal Police Association impressions2 - Animal Police Association impressions3 - Animal Police Association impressions4 - Animal Police Association impressions5 - Animal Police Association impressions6 - Animal Police Association impressions7 - Animal Police Association impressions8 - Animal Police Association impressions9 - Animal Police Association


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