Senior Rossi is a small, approximately three year old Ratero mix and is looking for a loving new place to live! He was locked up in a shed for years and is now still a bit scared as everything is new and unknown to him. He does not dare to go outside in the dark yet. Despite everything he is very cuddly! Senior Rossi has been chipped, vaccinated, neutered and tested for any Mediterranean diseases. His health is in the best condition. He is currently living with many other animals at a rescue centre and would love a home with an extra dose of love!
We put a lot on our animal friends and hope that someone will take Senior Rossi into his heart and can offer him a place to live. If photos are desired, one may request these very gladly with us!


The two super sweet cats "Mona" (w) and "Coco" (m) were allowed to go to a beautiful and loving home in Switzerland. After our appeal in last month's newsletter, adoptive parents were found immediately for the two and we would like to thank our animal friends community from the bottom of our hearts for this great cohesion! This means so much to us and is especially wonderful for the animals who need a place to live!

 coco - Animal Police AssociationMona - Animal Police Association


prima donna - Animal Police AssociationThe bitch belonged to a Chinese woman in Mallorca, who went with her to our trusted veterinarian Shimin. The poor dog suffered a quadruple fracture of the femur and a care would have cost the owner 300 euros. She got so angry that she went back home and put a cast on the dog herself, which of course only made things worse! Animal Police took care of this matter and took over the 3.5 hour operation, which cost us almost 2,000 euros. Our Marlene took Prima Donna home and looked after her like crazy. Unfortunately we lost this fight and had to let Prima Donna go with a heavy heart. Full of love we think back to Prima Donna and continue to fight to avoid such cases!


We are super proud to finally be able to experience the start of Finca Noah. The Animal Police team is full of joy to build kennels and huts for the animals and to create a real animal paradise. Animal Police is very happy that we will soon be able to offer many animals a wonderful place to be nursed back to health until they can go to a new home. You can get a short impression in the video:


After Cash and Carry were allowed to live with Farah for over 4 months and get healthy, they now have the wonderful opportunity to be adopted into a super great and loving home in Germany. We wish the two sweet cats a very special time in their new home with lots of cuddles. Many thanks to the adoptive parents! We are very happy for both cats and also that they can stay together is just wonderful!

cash - Animal Police Association carry - Animal Police Association


Animal Police celebrated a great success together with "Hundkatzemaus" from VOX when we were able to rescue two donkeys and a grey mare.
The donkey stallion was castrated, got new hooves and was on a good road to recovery. Unfortunately, we had to let him go two weeks later as he died of a stomach turn. Animal Police fought very hard for the donkey and spared no effort or expense! Sadly, it is not always that easy and we have to soldier on with very heavy, heartbreaking losses.
The donkey mare had hooves over 30cm long and therefore no chance of walking on them in any way. Animal Police had to perform a tendon shortening and of course hoof care on her so that she could move around again.

donkey - Animal Police Association

The poor grey mare is terribly thin, due to a kidney disease, which we now of course also take care of! The mare is still alive, but was brought back to her miserable place by the old owner and now has to bear the suffering of the selfish people. However, we continue to do our best that the grey mare and the donkey mare are doing as well as possible!

Animal Police gave everything to help the animals as well as the owners! The owners had given their consent, were very happy about our help and even helped Animal Police and "Hundkatzemaus" to transport the animals to a veterinary clinic. But now they have initiated criminal proceedings against us for unlawful taking of the animals. The proceedings are still in full swing and Animal Police will continue to fight for these animals and their rights!


Farah from Animal Police and Judith from the series "Hundkatzemaus" had to go to the Guardia Civil regarding this case. You will be able to see and follow the whole story in mid-November on "Hundkatzemaus" on VOX! Many thanks to the VOX TV team and to Judith for her incredible commitment to the animals! It is wonderful to meet such people!

Guardia Civil - Animal Police Association

Written by Robine Amendola

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