As a founding member of Animal Police Association it was high time for me to spend some days with Animal Police and so I spent a wonderful time on the island of Mallorca.

Full of energy and anticipation, I arrived in Mallorca and was immediately welcomed by many animals, which filled my heart with endless joy. The days were filled with animal welfare programs from early in the morning until late at night, always in action for the animals that needed our help. My emotional world was flooded with various emotions during these days. I was shocked, I laughed, I was sad, deeply affected, touched but most of all the animals gave me an incredible amount of joy and love!

It has always fascinated me how these poor, partly tortured, souls have not lost faith in people. Now I was allowed to experience it myself and I was so very touched and fascinated how the animals can feel when you want to help them!

My absolute highlight during this time was rescuing a dog. The poor guy had been kept on a chain for a very long time, without food, without water, without a proper place in the shade or a cozy spot of any kind. Trapped in his loneliness between the main road and chicken droppings. Thanks to a call for help from a tourist we became aware of it and of course had to react immediately. The rescue operation was a complete success and I was able to experience gratitude in a way I never had before. My heart was beaming and the little one had conquered it in no time! But he did not only win my heart, but also that of many others. Today, the dog "Robin" is allowed to spend his life in a beautiful home and is cuddled and loved as he deserves!

Another highlight for me personally was coming home. No matter when, at what time or in what condition, there are always little animals waiting for you, who are infinitely happy about you. I became aware once again how much the little friends can give us and how valuable the mutual affection is, for the animals but also for us humans!

It was a wonderful experience and I am now even more proud to be part of the Animal Police team. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the incredibly great work that our team does!

Thank you so much Farah for an unforgettable time!

Robine - Animal Police Association Robine 2 - Animal Police Association Farah and Robine - Animal Police Association Farah and Robine 2 - Animal Police Association


The two super sweet cats "Mona" (w) and "Coco" (m) are looking for a new place to live. In this newsletter we would like to help them to find a nice place where they are loved and can share their cuddles.
They are 4 months old, tested for all mediterranean diseases, chipped, vaccinated, dewormed and in best condition. The two siblings love to cuddle and be spoiled. Since they are already so used to each other, we are looking for adoptive parents who would take both of them together right away. Please help us to find a place for these two siblings and to give them a nice life. We and especially Mona and Coco are grateful for any help!

mona and coco - Animal Police Association mona and coco 3 - Animal Police Association mona and coco 2 - Animal Police Association

We are urgently looking for a new home for over 60 cats and 90 dogs! Please help us dear animal friends to find new homes for these poor souls, we thank you very much for your help!


nana - Animal Police AssociationThe dog Nana is also urgently looking for a new place to live. She has had such a terrible life that she now only longs for love. Therefore she loves people and especially children! Unfortunately, however, she does not get along well at all with other dogs or cats. Nana is in a super condition, healthwise everything was clarified and it goes her with her 7 years dazzlingly, plays and fools around very gladly!
Nana will be very happy to get a nice place to live with lots of love and cuddles!


Our dear Gaby has proven her huge heart for animals once again. A few weeks ago she took in a mother dog, which has now given birth to 11 puppies. She has taken care of all the dogs, fed them up and nursed them back to health. The 11 little ones are now about 9-10 weeks old, happy, lively and healthy and are urgently looking for a nice place to live, just like the 2-year-old mother. Gaby has given her best with all her heart and has done an incredible job! But now she would be very happy not only to be a dog nonna, but to be able to devote herself to her everyday life, the horses, once again. Animal Police would like to support the kind-hearted Gaby here and provide the happy dogs with a nice place to live!

mum with little ones - Animal Police Association small dog - Animal Police Association small dogs - Animal Police Association


Animal Police would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the donations of blankets, pillows, baskets and anything else that will keep our animals warm during the cold winter months! With your donations we will certainly be able to bring a lot of help and warmth during the cold months on the island of Mallorca. In this context, we would like to ask all animal lovers once again for support to help us collect so that we will be ready as soon as the cold arrives.


Besides her 100% job, our Farah dedicates herself completely to the animals of the island. From November on she will move into a small house with enough space to take in emergency cases. To this end, Animal Police now has many plans to provide a wonderful place for the animals. For support of any kind, whether in financial form, strong hands or simply as motivation, we are very grateful!


Animal Police was able to rescue many animals in September and then place them in beautiful homes. We are super happy and grateful how the team of Animal Police sticks together and functions as soon as an animal cries for help. This month the Association was able to help various dogs, cats, chickens and even two donkeys and ponies out of their miserable living conditions and provide a nicer existence.

We look forward to an exciting October, which is already upon us.

Written by Robine Amendola

Help to save the animals in Mallorca from the streets. Every contribution goes 100% to the animals. All organization members work charitably and receive no compensation for their efforts.

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Animal lover wanted in Mallorca!

We from the non-profit organisation Animal Police, which takes in stray, abandoned or injured animals from the street and nurses them back to health at the beautiful Finca Noah, are looking for support. Want to get involved on the ground in Mallorca and help rescue and rehome animals? Help with the construction of kennels and enclosures, look after the upkeep of the farm? Take care of the animals, feed them, play with them and take them for walks? There are many ways to make yourself useful with us.

Are you interested in supporting us and the animals? We look forward to receiving your application and will be happy to provide you with information: