With February, 2020 continued as successfully as it started.
It gives us great pleasure to tell you about our progress and experiences.


Attention animal lovers!
Animal Police is pleased to announce that from the new year we can offer an animal holiday package at Finca Noah. Experience our heartfelt deeds live and support the association to do even more good for the animals on Mallorca. Experience the infinite gratitude of the animals, which is probably the most beautiful thing for every animal lover!

tents 1 - Animal Police Association tents 2 - Animal Police Association

We are happy to present our newest accommodation for our holiday guests at Finca Noah, we are super proud and are already looking forward until the tents are inaugurated by you!

More detailed information can be found on our homepage under:


Daniela was our first volunteer at Finca Noah. An incredible help, she was our angel during two weeks. Farah and Daniela were allowed to experience two very strict and energy-sapping weeks together, but which included many wonderful moments. The two of them were able to laugh a lot together and spend wonderful time with the animals. As the first human visitor to Finca Noah, Daniela was the perfect start and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her active help!

"My name is Daniela and I recently flew to Mallorca to Finca Noah for 2 weeks as a volunteer. It was an intense and above all fulfilling time with the animals. My heart beats for animals since childhood, now I could fulfill a heart's desire thanks to Animal Police.

Finca Noah is a well cared for, loving home for all animals who deserve a good life. I was happy and fulfilled to get up every day with the animals. The work, whether mucking out, feeding or going for a run was varied. Of course, playing and enjoying with the animals was also part of it. 

Thanks to Animal Police, I was able to fulfill my desire to have children and would do it again anytime."

Here is a short video of Daniela:


In February, Animal Police welcomed two new residents at Finca Noah: the horse "Argos" and the donkey "Pablo". We are very happy that we were able to rescue them and that we now have them with us. Before, the animals lived with a family who sadly had no money and the animals had to suffer a lot because they didn't get any food. The two had to starve very much and it hurt us in the soul to watch this. Now we are in the process of bringing Argos and Pablo back to strength and they already make a very happy impression with their new life at Finca Noah.

In addition, we are allowed to rescue numerous dogs and cats from miserable living situations, which can already enjoy a wonderful and beloved life today. In total, over 200 animals have already enjoyed beautiful moments at Finca Noah in the new year. Many thanks to all adoptive parents, who make a new home possible for our animals and also to all godparents, who make it possible for the animals to have a great time at Finca Noah. Without your support we could never help so many animals, we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts!

We are very happy that Pablo, Argos as well as Colani receive the support of wonderful godparents, we are deeply grateful!

donkey - Animal Police Associationhorse godmother - Animal Police Associationargos - Animal Police Association


The Finca Noah shines in new splendor. It is our pride and joy, the buildings are almost finished and the numerous rescued animals on the whole property are the most beautiful thing about it. We are getting closer and closer to our dream and with every little detail that is created, we are able to rescue and take in more animals and with every single action, the suffering of the animals on the island becomes a little bit smaller. Many thanks to all our helpers, donors, strong hands, mental supporters or just for every single motivating word. 


The Animal Police Association has organized a huge action to put an end to the suffering of street animals in Mallorca. With the help of volunteers, we have made it possible to collect over 170 animals and to finance the castrations. In this way we want to prevent the street animals from having children again, which would have to live on the streets of Mallorca again. We will now carry out such an action twice a year and will certainly already notice the first effects in a few months. Many thanks to all animal welfare activists who voluntarily support us and transport the animals.


3Plus has already visited Animal Police again and we spent a week together filming new scenes. In the new season we will surprise our viewers and present them the progress of the already existing Finca Noah.

We would like to thank 3Plus again for this great opportunity!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every donation, no matter how small, and every single supporter! Without you it would never be possible for us to help so many animals on Mallorca and to continue to fight for it! ANIMAL POLICE SAYS THANK YOU!

We are already excited and full of beans to see what the month of March will bring us.

The Animal Police Team

Written by Robine Amendola

Help to save the animals in Mallorca from the streets. Every contribution goes 100% to the animals. All organization members work charitably and receive no compensation for their efforts.

Also by liking, commenting & sharing you can help us make life better for the animals here on Mallorca.



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Animal lover wanted in Mallorca!

We from the non-profit organisation Animal Police, which takes in stray, abandoned or injured animals from the street and nurses them back to health at the beautiful Finca Noah, are looking for support. Want to get involved on the ground in Mallorca and help rescue and rehome animals? Help with the construction of kennels and enclosures, look after the upkeep of the farm? Take care of the animals, feed them, play with them and take them for walks? There are many ways to make yourself useful with us.

Are you interested in supporting us and the animals? We look forward to receiving your application and will be happy to provide you with information: