Goodbye Luz 🙁
Sadly, we had to let our cuddly, lovable senior bitch Luz, during an emergency operation over the Rainbow Bridge. We are sad and frustrated, especially because Luz had such a sad life. Luz was never allowed to experience what it means to live in a "real" family, to have a roof over her head, to have a bed in a warm room, to be cared for and loved. Luz has spent her whole life (10 years) on a chain and the last months with us in a kennel. We tried everything to find her a family. But nobody wanted her: too old, too big and too black...Our hearts bleed to know that all our attempts to give Luz a real life have unfortunately failed.

luz - Animal Police Association

LUZ, 2011-2021.

Therefore an appeal to all of you: PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THE OLDER ANIMALS! Many have been tortured, mistreated, left alone and ignored all their lives. Those who are lucky enough to be rescued after years, then wait in an animal welfare organization for a new place. Often in vain - like our LUZ.

Isn't it also human egoism, the fear of having to mourn an animal sooner or sooner, that drives many to adopt "only" puppies or kittens?

had more luck. After 10 years on a chain and a few weeks with us, she has finally found "her family" and is allowed to go to Switzerland. We are very happy and wish Murta that she can enjoy her remaining years to the fullest. We thank the family from the bottom of our hearts that they are willing to give Murta a new, "real" life.


THEO, the little chick

Cute little Theo was taken home by our two attentive volunteers Noemie  and Aline, who "Animal Holiday" on the Finca Noah had booked, rescued. Theo was rejected by his mother on his first day of life, why we do not know. But the two women did not want to accept this and took Theo into their care. They cared for him every day and showed him how to eat and drink by tapping his fingernail into the bowl where the food and water was. Well and this is him now, our Theo.


The four puppies, Apollo, Zeus, Alpha and Beta have finally arrived in Switzerland - in Basel to be exact. The Labrador-Mix puppies are 4.5 months young, playful, cuddly and are now all looking for a loving family. The four puppies can be met immediately. For questions or interest please contact Nadja Wüthrich (+41 76 342 78 63)

Nadja Wüthrich - Animal Police Association

ALSO...The sponsorships

I would like to remind you that you can adopt one of our animals. Besides the horses Nebraska and Argos, also our sweet donkey Pablito is looking for a new godparent again.

pablo - Animal Police Association

nebraska onei - Animal Police Association


This month it was finally time for Farah to introduce King and Queeni to our vet. The two dogs retreated into their wooden box as usual when Farah entered the kennel with the vet, but still dared to sniff his hands. Even when the vet took King's blood, both dogs were unimpressed.

This getting to know each other was urgently needed. King has changed a lot externally, his face has turned grey overnight, so to speak. No one could tell us why. Or why it was happening now that he was with us. Was it stress? Or maybe because King could finally let himself go, the stress was just gone?

Now, after the blood test, we know what's going on. King has the highest grade of leishmaniasis. Our vet said he had never seen levels this high. Since King still has skin leishmaniasis, we assume that the rapid graying is a disease manifestation. King now gets two shots a day that Mike has to give him. This goes very well. Both dogs are then in the wooden box, where King can be given the injection without further ado.

king2 - Animal Police Association king - Animal Police Association

Voluntariat Bea
Bea was a guest at Finca Noah and helped out for a week. How she has experienced the week, you can read in her Field report.

Our Nadia leaves us
Our dear Nadia unfortunately leaves us this month, which we regret very much! We wish her all the best for her future life and will always keep her in our hearts! Thank you for your great work!

nadia - Animal Police Association

Impressions of the Finca Noah

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März 2024

Ihr lieben,der beliebte Newsletter ist wieder Online. Ganz viele haben immer wieder gefragt wann der Newsletter wieder kommt. Wir möchten euch wieder an unserem Leben

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Dear animal friend: What a turbulent last few weeks! That's why it's only now that we're sending out another sign of life. We have been through a lot in the last few weeks and months.

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Animal lover wanted in Mallorca!

We from the non-profit organisation Animal Police, which takes in stray, abandoned or injured animals from the street and nurses them back to health at the beautiful Finca Noah, are looking for support. Want to get involved on the ground in Mallorca and help rescue and rehome animals? Help with the construction of kennels and enclosures, look after the upkeep of the farm? Take care of the animals, feed them, play with them and take them for walks? There are many ways to make yourself useful with us.

Are you interested in supporting us and the animals? We look forward to receiving your application and will be happy to provide you with information: