Field report volunteer work at Finca Noah (Bea)

I was allowed to spend my holiday from 21-28 Aug 21 at Finca Noah.
If you think it's a bit of petting the animals and walking the dogs, you're definitely in the wrong place.
It is real physical work that should not be underestimated.
On Saturday, upon my arrival, Farah showed me my accommodation, the Casa Jannine. A lovingly furnished cottage, where it has everything you need. The kitchen is super equipped with oven, microwave, stove, refrigerator, a freezer and dishwasher.
I felt very comfortable right away.
Shortly thereafter, it already went off with the evening round. Farah showed me exactly what I had to do.
I noticed right away that she works very clean and fast and that's what she expected from me.
The evening went by in no time and I fell into bed dead tired.
The next days we started at 8.00 with the work. Walking the dogs, cleaning their kennels, cleaning and tidying up 3 cat kennels, cleaning the cat boxes and feeding the cats, filling up the water in the rabbit enclosure and feeding them.
Picking up dog poop and leaves were also part of it 2 times a day.
Then when this was all done, it continued with the sheep, the pony and the deer. There the place was meticulously cleaned from the Kotbölleli.
We called it meditating.
This work took a lot of time.
There was also a lot of work to do on the farm besides the animals.
Twice we knocked algarovas down from the tree and picked them up.
Then we had to put food in the container, there was always something to do.
The days went by very quickly and in the evening I fell into bed tired, exhausted but satisfied.

I was very warmly welcomed at Finca Noah, I felt very comfortable.
What I had to get used to was that Farah says what she thinks. She can be very direct and can get loud at times. Her manner intimidated me a bit in the beginning.
But we also had great conversations and got to know each other a bit that way.

The Wuche was over so quickly, until you know how everything goes, you have to pack again.

For me I can say that it was exactly what I wanted to do and that I want to go back to Finca Noah.
Thank you, for this wonderful week that I will always carry in my heart.

Kind regards

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